PLEASE NOTE: we are working on merging the opennirs.org and openfnirs.org domains. Your new page to start when looking for any open source fNIRS resources should be openfNIRS.org. The openNIRS 2015 hardware project on this website here is just one of many community resources that you can find there:

Welcome to the openNIRS.org website Рhere you will find documentation and files for modular open Near InfraRed-Spectroscopy (NIRS) instrumentation hardware. The resources on this website are intended to help users getting started with their own from-scratch fNIRS designs.

For an introduction to the subject NIRS and DOT, an overview of the state of technology (2014), documentation of the system concept, hardware, software and mechanical design and some evaluation and analysis results, please see the Documentation section and the corresponding Publication.

For schematics, layout, program code and CAD (STL) files please see the Files section.

If you are interested in the M3BA – Modular Multimodal Mobile Biosignal Acquisition – architecture, please see the corresponding M3BA website and corresponding Publication.

Before using any material on this website, please make sure to read the License Information for this open source/ hardware project and the below Warning/ Disclaimer.


If you choose to use the information and materials for openNIRS hardware provided on this website, you do this ENTIRELY AT YOUR OWN RISK.

The hardware was carefully designed to reduce any risks, e.g. by using batteries as energy and LEDs as light sources. However, everything provided on this website is done so WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY, especially without warranty of functionality, safety, completeness or merchantability.

By using the provided materials on this website, you agree to do so on your own risk and responsibility.